Take 2

Ok, so I know that it has been almost a year now since I “attempted” blogging. I use attempted loosely here, because I’m not quite sure that 4 lackadaisical posts, only one of which I actually kept, technically counts. I won’t even lie–for a while I forgot I had a blog. However, I am no longer taunted by the blinking cursor that I wanted to magically write my thesis. Now I am just taunted by a blinking cursor. So I mean it; I am really going to try to be successful at blogging. Let me provide a brief update of the past year that might shed some light on this sudden change in attitude.

Over the last year, I attempted and successfully completed many things which I unashamedly admit that I am proud of. I now am a Master of Wizardry (though the diploma says English Studies), have written 70+ pages of legitmate scholarly fun stuff, have a CV that is four pages long, have a 4.8 on ratemyprofessor (not to mention a chile pepper), have bunjee jumped, completed the hardest application of my life, submited for publication (as well as been rejected), faced a few fears, and done some other cool stuff. In short, I’ve done what I’ve wanted, pushed myself past my limits, and somehow succeeded.

In July, I went on a trip with my some of my family to Utah and Colorado. I went caving, bunjee jumping (never again), rode a roller coaster through a mountain, went white water rafting (and wasn’t even scared this time), and was feeling pretty good about myself. My family dropped me off at my aunt’s house in Colorado Springs, where I was scheduled to stay a couple days. At this point, I’d been rejected for a Fulbright to Germany and decided to get TEFL certified as a back up plan for future teaching abroad opportunities. I was trying to work on an assignment for this class when I started to write instead. It wasn’t unusual, but for some reason, it was more personal this time around. I realized that while I was doing way awesome stuff, I’d been applying for jobs for over two months with no good news in return, and to top it off, I was choosing to move from NC–a place I’d somehow let myself grow comfortable in.

Anyway, this realization caused me to write about my previous year, what I’d learned and what I wanted to accomplish. I decided to move to Colorado, with or without a job and that’s what I did. I went back to NC, had fun, said my goodbyes, sold all my furniture, packed up, and 3000 miles later, I was starting fresh. After a possible job offer in GA fell through 3 weeks after getting here, I knew I’d made the right (even if temporary) decision. While working on job applications, I stumbled across my written tangent from a few months earlier and decided that I was not going to let myself lose sight of what I’d gained from the past and wanted from the future. (After I polish it up, I’ll also post my tangent. Don’t lie–I know you’re excited.)
Alright, I know I promised this would be short and already I’ve broken that promise, but I’m almost done. Fast forward to now. I am no longer in school and need a way to keep the academic in me thriving. My aim is to keep writing, keep reading, keep focused, and keep in touch with what (or who) is important. An amazing opportunity presented itself and I am now the developer and director of an English program. I am still working on getting published and have decided to get back in the habit by trying out NaNoWriMo.

So now you see the reason for the gap between posts, but I am determined to not create such a large one again. My plan is to write as often as possible in as many mediums as possible. Whether I’m read or not doesn’t quite matter at the moment (nor does the subject matter), as long as I’m writing. Maybe this blogging thing will work out after all.


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