Tut Tut. Looks like rain.

Good to know they're prepared

Today my Alma Mater was placed on lockdown because of a reported gunman near the campus. The city and campus police spent hours searching for him, including sending armed policemen to surround buses he may have been riding.  One building was evacuated, three local public schools were also placed on lockdown, and students were ordered to stay home.

They just now found the accused gunman walking on a street near campus. His alleged gun? An umbrella.

True, I’m impressed that the police were on point, prepared, responded so quickly (they haven’t always been known to do so), and am glad that everyone is safe. I’m grateful that something so scary and possibly deadly turned out to be a mistake… but honestly. This is slightly embarrassing. Not only did it make the local news, but thank you Huffington Post  for giving us national attention:




Embarrassing moments aside (as this has not been the first and I am sure it won’t be the last), I am still proud to be a Pirate.


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