Around the world

So to add to my list of trying new things, I’ve decided to try to sell some of my photography. I’ve gone through a bunch of my pictures from my travels and have picked some that I think are pretty decent. As I have not taken any classes  or anything of the sort, I know that this will be a learning process and any feedback is appreciated. Below are some pictures that I’ve decided to post just to kind of get a feel for what people like. One of my favorite things to photograph when I travel is doors (I know it’s weird, but we all have our quirks, right?). Some of these pictures I’ve already put up for sale at a local shop. Even if I don’t make much, I think this will be fun to try. More to come!


4 thoughts on “Around the world

  1. hi there…
    I absolutely LOVED the pic of the staircase and the one below it too…really amazing shots!! those two are my favs! U really have a talent for photography! best of luck with it! 🙂

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