Confusion caused by judgement

I recently read a Freshly Pressed post entitled “Sometimes My Own Generation Confuses Me.” In the post, the author lists five things about our generation, Generation Y, which confuse her:

  1. Wearing sweatpants or pajamas outside
  2. Dubstep
  3. Modern video games
  4. The beautiful orange skin/bleached hair combination
  5. iPods 24/7

While I could understand some of her points or concerns, there was a condescending tone in her words which I thought unnecessary.  As a representative of the same generation, I see our habits, trends, and idiosyncrasies in a more endearing light than my counterpart.  I’m sure you’re nice, Classic Confusion, and from the sound of your blog, I’m certain you think you’re witty. And since you seem so confused by our generation, I thought I could help shed some light.

Before I continue my retaliation, perhaps I should provide a brief background of Generation Y. We are the generation born between 1980 and 2000. We are commonly children of divorce, we are more technologically inclined, and though many of us are college graduates, we are having a damn hard time finding jobs.

As to the above list:

1. Wearing sweatpants or pajamas outside

I can count on one hand the number of times I have left the house in sweat pants or pajamas. (This does not include family trips when I was younger and was dragged out of bed at 4am so we could get an “early start”.) Yes, I love comfort. Yes, I have left the house in a sweatshirt. Yes, I have worn capri leggings out of my house (though often when going hiking or to the gym).  But I do usually have a hard time walking out in anything less casual than jeans. But it also does not bother me that others choose to do so.

But hey, look at it this way—if you are taking the time to look nice and others are dressing in sweats, that means you look better, right? Or does it?…

2. Dubstep

“You can’t even sing along to this nonsense.” I don’t think the point is to sing along. I think the point is to just enjoy it. Though I haven’t gotten into Dubstep as much as some of my friends have, I have found that it is good for studying or dancing. Just look at this guy, for instance:

Not to mention, I couldn’t mix beats like that. Props.

3. Modern video games

You are 100% right that Nintendo 64 is amazing in every way.  Old school gaming systems are classic for a reason. Just the other day I was playing Lion King on my Super Nintendo.  But if you think there are no noteworthy games out now, you are sadly mistaken.

Obviously you have never played Just Dance.

4. The orange skin/bleached hair combination

I have to point out that this is not a new trend. This one has been around for quite some time now and I have never really been a fan.  However, I don’t feel that I have room to talk. I’ve never tried to turn my skin orange and prefer my hair large and curly. I watched The Nanny growing up, and we all fit a certain stereotype. J

5. iPods 24/7

I also have an iPod, but you have me beat on the iPhone. My phone calls and texts and that makes me happy enough.

Your complaints against the 24/7 iPods are that they listen to their “crappy” music too loud, or that they don’t pay attention to what’s going on. You should be glad that they even have headphones. At least they’re not blasting a boom box on the subway. (PS-Have you ever tried to carry an old school boom box? Those things are ridiculously heavy. )

As for the people not paying attention—those people probably wouldn’t pay attention even if they didn’t have the iPods. Believe me, we tend to space out a bit. Luckily for me, though, I had my iPod with me while writing this so I was able to concentrate enough to respond to your post.

Plus, whenever I listen to my iPod, I like to think I look as ridiculous and awesome as this:


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