2012 Book #10

As usual, when I finally find a good study table at Barnes and Nobles, it’s littered with leftover books from the lazy people who sat there before. But this time, I needed to thank those lazy people, because they offered me something much better than the PRAXIS II study books I’d brought with me. They gave me my tenth book of the year: Dads are the Original Hipsters by Brad Getty.

I won’t lie–a good majority of my friends are hipsters. I would say that I am too, but my record collection is far too small, my jeans too flared, and my love for PBR basically nonexistent. Plus, I don’t think most hipsters admit to being one, so that would also defeat the purpose.

Check out that awesome stache! And those glasses!

And I love them. I have a slight hipster addiction. So let me give you a disclaimer: if you do not share in my hipster addiction (whether genuine or mocking), then this book is not for you, my friend.

That being said, I can’t even begin to describe how awesome each section of this book is. Though the writing is fantastically sarcastic (each section offering how fathers did it before us and did it better), the pictures are really what make this book the masterpiece that it is.

Some of my favorites are how dads rocked the stache, the v-neck shirts, obscure music, and managed to find girls way out of their leagues.

For more information about how dads did it better, you can visit http://dadsaretheoriginalhipster.tumblr.com/archive. Believe me, the pictures are priceless.


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