We can’t help it that we’re so hot

By noon today, the newscaster said to be careful in thinking that the fire couldn’t reach you and that everyone in all of Colorado Springs (which, by the way, has about 400,000 residents), should be packed and prepared to evacuate, just in case. By 2pm this afternoon, I had the car packed and ready to go. By 3pm, you could barely see 100 yards in front of you, it was raining ash, and the wind just started to pick up.

And just like that, the Waldo Canyon Fire moved on. By 6pm, the sky was blue, I could see the mountains again, and I made in to work to teach a couple classes. Though the fire is still raging and you can still see the smoke curling off the mountains, it’s a little more under control now. The Academy lost some land and the fire is currently creeping north (unless the wind decides to change it again). True, homes and livelihoods have been lost and there are still tens of thousands of evacuees, but there is a silver lining in this cloud of smoke:

In the past five days of one of the worst fires in CO history, there has not been one single casualty or injury.  The worst they’ve had is some visiting firefighters getting altitude sickness–that we can handle. In addition, hundreds of residents have stepped up to the plate, donating supplies for the shelters and food for the firefighters who barely stop to rest or eat.

I’m hoping this isn’t a calm before another storm, but I’ll keep you posted. For more information or updates, you can visit:

local station KRDO website


The Gazette, Colorado Springs

And you can find an evacuation list here.


One thought on “We can’t help it that we’re so hot

  1. It is amazing how everyone is coming together and uniting their strength and support. My hat and heart are tipped in honor of the brave firemen and women fighting those fires.

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