Turkey Time

“Uncertainty is always a part of the taking charge process.”

— Harold Geneen

It’s amazing how life can change so quickly. This time last week I was looking for jobs in Denver and wondering what my Labor Day plans would be. Today, I’m organizing suitcases and sending in paperwork to accept a job offer at a private school in Istanbul. I leave next Thursday (sadly, this turkey on a Thursday does not come with stuffing and casserole) to visit family on the East coast and then hopefully ship out by September 1st. It gives me just enough time to throw things together (the to-do list grows each day instead of shrinks) and not enough time to think about what I’m actually about to do.

I’m not saying that I don’t want to go to Turkey–I do. But moving abroad for the first time reminds me of when I went bungee jumping. I knew I wanted to try it and I knew it was super scary, but I just had to close my eyes, step off the platform, and let myself go. Granted, I found that bungee jumping wasn’t for me, but at least I tried. Besides, what’s so scary about moving across the globe to a place I’ve never been and where I don’t speak the language? Really, though, the school seems amazing, the culture and history will be awesome, the food is supposed to be fantastic, travel across Europe is easier, and I’ll be living with a native. All in all, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

But like I said, not much prior notice. I had only a week’s notice to give to my work, which doesn’t leave much time to train a replacement. And telling my kids that I won’t be there for them next week was the worst. I hate leaving students. Whether students believe it or not, teachers get attached and are  sad to let go. I want to see my kids succeed and can only hope that our time together has been helpful to them in some way. Lord knows I learn as much from them as they do from me. But the best I can do is leave my contact info, hope they update me, and move on to my next victims. 🙂

And as I continue through my next chapter, I want to make sure that they are updated as well and not only give them my contact info, but also the address for this site. My hope is that we can continue our journeys together and that this will actually make me better about updating this thing. But I have a feeling I’ll be more on top of it, because there’s nothing like a little adventure and change to create inspiration.


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