Burns, Ants, and Hurricanes

The first part of my multifaceted trip is over: I left Colorado and took the two flights to sunny Florida to see family. I didn’t exactly get to sunbathe by the water much when I was living next to the mountains in a landlocked state, so of course the first thing I did was go to the beach to catch some rays. And it only took about two hours after leaving the beach to realize that my skin was not quite used to the sun and I had a sweet sunburn, which is still lobster red. But the beach was beautiful and I got to test out my new Nook. Luckily, I didn’t get any sand on it.

Lying out and reading with Grandma at the Emerald coast

After the beach and watching some Dr. Who episodes and swimming with the siblings, my dad and I went canoeing on the Bayou. Once we got the canoe in the water and got on our way, I realized that I’d conveniently stepped in a fire ant hill getting the canoe in and they were loving my feet. We had to pull over to a beach and rinse it out. So I got to add fire ant bites to my sunburn. Thanks to Florida, I’m looking super attractive.

Little did I know that there was an army of fire ants waiting to attack.

But overall it was a great visit: awesome weather, good company and good times. And I conveniently made it out before Hurricane Isaac met me there. After just a few days, I yet again found myself in the airport and on my way to North Carolina. More to come and adventures to follow…


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