One more day…

Well tomorrow is my last day in the States before I ship out to Turkey. Luckily, I got to visit more family before I left. After leaving Florida, I flew off to North Carolina. I always forget how much I miss the South and the people here until I come back. It makes me realize that I could be okay setting here, but that would first require settling. 🙂

So I got to hang out on the eastern side of the state with my mom, sister, stepdad, and their chihuahua, Ella. We made cookies, played Just Dance, watched movies together. Overall, it was a very relaxing visit before the chaos begins. I know my family is having a bit of a rough time dealing with me going so far, so I’m super glad I got to spend time with them. Who knows? Maybe they’ll visit Turkey for Thanksgiving! (Sorry, pun intended.)

Yesterday afternoon I made my way to the Triangle area to visit my brother at Duke and some friends from college. I know today and tomorrow will go by super fast, so I’m trying to get some last minute stuff done and hope I don’t forget anything before I leave.  But by tomorrow evening, I’ll be on a plane and leaving for my next big adventure. As always, more updates to come…


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