Last day in the States

It’s finally here: my last day in the States before I leave for Turkey. Since I only found out I was moving less than three full weeks ago, I haven’t really had time to think about the enormity of what I’m doing. I’ve left two jobs behind, packed and done the immense amount of things that comes with moving to a foreign country. I’ve taken four flights between three states and four houses and today is the last leg of the journey. I’ve visited with family and friends and today I’m hanging out with a few friends from college who will take me to the airport later.

But today is a bit slower paced than the others and since the day of departure has finally arrived, I find myself getting anxious. Did I do everything I needed? Do I have everything? Did I leave anything at anyone’s house? Will I be able to handle the long flight with my motion sickness? Will the anticipation be too much? You know, normal things.

Thank God for Zantac  and movies. 🙂

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