Aslan the Aslan

My thesis focused on language and perspective in the Harry Potter series and essentially looked at how neologisms, or made up words, and the way they are used can influence the stories and the reader experience. (This is the Sparknotes version.) So, in short, I am a nerd for words and languages.

The other day I saw a mug with a lion on it and underneath it read, Aslan. I immediately assumed this was a Narnia reference, but as I saw the word again in various situations, I asked my roommate and found out that Aslan in Turkish actually means lion. No way! This may be a small, insignificant fact to most normal people, but I am simply in love with the idea. I’ve unlocked a clever trick to one of my favorite childhood series.

And now I wonder how exactly that can affect the reading of the series. For example, when I think Aslan, I immediately associate it with the very specific lion of Narnia. However, when Turkish kids think Aslanthat could simply be any old lion. And when they are reading the series, do they just read it as Lion? Does that not demote Aslan in some way? 

Just some food for thought.


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