Election day and soup

The tension is high, but not just in the US. It seems that the entire world is invested in who will become the next president of the United States. Yes, it’s been a hot topic among us American expats here in Turkey, but it has also dominated the conversations of my of my native friends as well. I knew before I came here that elections back home were a big deal worldwide, but I did not realize just how big a deal. People are continuously chattering about it and everyone is anxiously awaiting the final results. Unfortunately for us, we will have to wait quite some time. Since we’re seven hours ahead of the East Coast here, we won’t find out who has won until early Wednesday morning. I myself will be waking up early and checking the news first thing.

In the meantime, I am home sick today (doctor’s orders), so I don’t really have much to distract me from the waiting. There is only so much coverage online since polls aren’t even open yet in the States and by the time things really get going, I’ll have to scoot off to bed for work in the morning. I did manage to make some delicious, homemade chicken noodle soup (tavuk çorba as the Turks might say).

And to my future expat comrads, if you happen to land outside the US during an election year, here is the website to register to vote and cast your absentee ballots: www.FVAP.gov

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