One of the many reasons I love David Sedaris

Before I moved to Turkey I broke down and bought a Nook. My aversion to E-Readers didn’t outweigh my desire to constantly have books with me and since bringing my library of several hundreds books to Turkey was nixed by my limitation of suitcase space, a Nook seemed the second best option. (I ended up actually only bringing 15 physical books, which is impressive for me.) Of course I picked the simplest, cheapest one I could find and even that one (the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, in case you were wondering) is fancier than I really need it to be. If only they would sell them with that used book smell…

I’m still on my kick of reading 30 books this year, though I’ve only just reached the halfway point nine months in. I’m in love with David Sedaris and one of the books I downloaded to my fancy new digital, black magic library was Me Talk Pretty One Day. Somehow I’d managed to overlook this classic when going through my Sedaris binge a few years ago. But I’m glad of it, because it fits perfectly with my current situation.

The book is essentially a collection of short stories based on various events in Sedaris’ life. Quite a few of the stories are based on his life in Paris and that’s where our situations connect. He moved to Paris with his partner, but knew only two words of French when he first moved there: “bottleneck” and “ashtray.” When I moved to Turkey, I knew maybe eight Turkish words, granted a bit more helpful than “bottleneck” and “ashtray.” But the point is that as he lived there longer, he began to write words on note cards and expand his vocabulary. He went from two to 200 to 600 to 1000. I cannot tell you how many words I know in English or German, but I can literally count up the words and phrases I know in Turkish and as Sedaris says, “It was an odd sensation to hold my entire vocabulary in my hands.” Imagine that your day to day life is based off of less than 30 words!

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Around the world again

The last posting of pictures went pretty well, so I’m going to try it again. Here are some more of my travels and such. Again, comments or critiques are welcome.


Around the world

So to add to my list of trying new things, I’ve decided to try to sell some of my photography. I’ve gone through a bunch of my pictures from my travels and have picked some that I think are pretty decent. As I have not taken any classes  or anything of the sort, I know that this will be a learning process and any feedback is appreciated. Below are some pictures that I’ve decided to post just to kind of get a feel for what people like. One of my favorite things to photograph when I travel is doors (I know it’s weird, but we all have our quirks, right?). Some of these pictures I’ve already put up for sale at a local shop. Even if I don’t make much, I think this will be fun to try. More to come!