What’s the rush, October? I feel like you just got here. Don’t you want to stay a bit longer?

Today I realized that I am far behind where I should probably be.  As a unorganized list maker and continuous idea person, this is

neither new nor surprising.  However, perhaps I should be more nervous than I am. This is the first year I’ve decided to try National Novel Writing Month and I have done hardly anything to prepare. I keep seeing other blogs where people are talking about their plot developments, their chapter outlines, their super awesome advanced planning.  Then again, I’ve always thought the mark of a great writer was the ability to use sudden deadlines as a motivation. True, I’ve been writing more, but what English major doesn’t procrastinate, completely confident in his or her abilities until right before they need to write something? (Unfortunately, this seems to usually work for me, only reassuring my procrastinating tendencies to settle in a bit more.)

Ok, so November starts on Tuesday and I have no idea where to start with this. Maybe I should do some more research and start writing and plotting.  Or maybe I’ll just go to Barnes and Noble and get a hot chocolate and look at the books on the shelves as motivation.

Anyone selling a typewriter?