Checking off the list

February presented me with a few technical difficulties (thus the low number of posts this month), but now I should be back up and running. Since we’re almost three months in to the New Year, I thought it would be a good time to evaluate the progress of some of my goals. (Some are certainly coming along better than others.)

The one that is constantly on my mind is the 30 books this year–no excuses. I’ve read two books total and gotten halfway through about three more. I need to pick one and finish it because 30 books in a year requires at least two a month. We’ll see how the next couple weeks pan out.

However, I am living up to some of the other goals quite well. I’ve reached almost 60 posts, so that’s going well. And I’ve been challenging myself more and having adventures. For the challenge, I’ve hired a personal trainer named Tristan. Let’s just say that I feel good about going to my training sessions, but I don’t feel so good immediately after going to the sessions. They only remind me how I need to work harder.

One of my most recent adventures includes a weekend trip to New Mexico to visit a friend from high school. I’d never been to NM and now I’ve only got one of the four corners left to check off the list. In addition to going somewhere I’ve never been, I also added new experiences to the list.

My friends and I went hiking in the snow (a first for me) and then went to the local hot springs (another first) where it started to (surprise, surprise) snow while we were there. Never in my life did I think I would be outside in a bikini in the snow, but there I was and it was awesome. We also visited Santa Fe while we were in  the area, but I was unable to find Jack Kelly while I was there. Maybe next time…


Around the world again

The last posting of pictures went pretty well, so I’m going to try it again. Here are some more of my travels and such. Again, comments or critiques are welcome.